AA3.0.6 Update Released
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<img src="/images/catimages/AA.jpg">AA3.0.6 Update Released We are pleased to announce the release of the latest update for AA3. This 1.24 GB update addresses many issues identified through testing and your feedback. We have addressed training freezes, Teamspeak3, primary weapon problems and more.

AA3.0.6 Release Notes

Corrected error that sometimes resulted in hangs when starting
training missions

Fixes single player sprint/dive failing to bring back weapon after
grenade toss

Adds a "valid hit" audio prompt to AIT Advanced Rifleman to make it
easier to understand when the player is doing it correctly

Adjusts the "valid hit" text prompt in AIT Advanced Rifleman so it
disappears sooner so the reappearance of it on a second hit is more obvious

Addressed issue where firing rounds in AIT SDM early would prevent
the player from completing AIT SDM

Fixes incorrect colors on correct/incorrect text on the CLS AAR

Fix for close menu and double menus in training levels

CLS AAR now shows the CLS achievement if earned

SDM AAR now correctly displays the hit location on the targets

TS3 voice rules now work correctly after map rotation

Corrected issue where mission success wasn't reporting properly if
you weren't alive at the end of the round

Restored incapacitated ROE handling so shooting incapacitated
players again will give you ROE violations

Grenadier role fixed so the M83 smoke grenades will appear in the
role selection screen

Medic treatments will work when victim is within a vault mantle
volume without triggering the vault mantle action

Client will now cleanup old stat cache files on start up

Removes "player didn't play in round" server logging message

All grenades will now properly display for all class types

Fixes weapon vanishing when player crouch/slides after a grenade is

Fix for going prone weapon vanishing after grenade toss

Setting "Brightness" now saves properly

Added numerous Server Browser enhancements for performance

Activates primary weapon after sprinting if player no longer has a

Weapon is now unzoomed/lowered when changing weapons

Fixes touching M714 smoke round so it no longer gives impact damage
if it has no velocity

Interrupted reloads now return to the previous weapon fire mode

Fixes issues related to loadout at spawn

Fixes leaning players not being able to be hit in the head

Fix for grenades incorrectly triggering overpressure effects

Rounds are now locked to 6 rounds plus an optional OT round. Final
round countdown is also locked to 10 seconds to avoid too short a time preventing correct round setup actions from occurring

Fixes issue in some AARs that were displaying the incorrect rank

Fix for being stuck in ACOG 4x zoom when using breath control

Fix for battle planner Area of Operations losing functionality in
lower areas of map

M249 reload should be corrected for soft bag ammo

Fixed CLS treatment menu so it should always appear (when

Players will no longer be kicked for an "Early ROE Kick" when
killing an enemy player in the "early roe kick" period at the start of the round

Adds logging of PB kick messages to AA3Launch.log on the client and
modifies message box to reference log file

Potential fix for SL's (or VIP) not properly spawning when the
Alpha fire team leader (who SL/VIP are typically part of) choose the non-default spawn location

Fix for enemy secured count not being included with enemy confirmed
in Mission AAR

Fix in settings -> interface -> chat box for players choosing a
message type that is already used in another area so now they switch locations

Multiple fixes to interrupting weapon reloads. Interrupted reloads
should no longer allow you to fire while reloading or meleeing

Fixed graphical glitches where the reload animation would continue
to play even after canceled, or where the m249 bullet chain would become detached after an interrupt

Fixed killing self with grenade so it no longer sends you to
Leavenworth or gives you ROE violations (although damage to teammates will still generate ROE)

Corrected first deployment cinematic

Fixes for enemy neutralized per round counter(and other round
counters) not resetting every round

Kill/Death Ratio UI display now rounded to the nearest tenth

Fix for quick weapon swap inconsistency

Soldiers incapacitated with raised sights now lower their sights
prior to going incapacitated which should fix the issue of the "large gun" view after being incapacitated

Preplanner objective buttons should no longer be off the edge and
not be able to be clicked

Melee and M320 incapacitations should now count correctly

Radial menus should no longer interrupt firing until they fade in

Fix for VIP being incapacitated with no live teammates not awarding
objective points as well as mission ending

Fix for melee working through walls if enemy soldier up against
opposite side of wall

Modified appearance of CTT background

Fix for players being pushed to wrong walk speed state after
transitioning between raised sights up and sprinting. Now restores previous state correctly

You can now use the middle mouse button for reloads and mouse
button input is cleared when the radial menu appears

Fix for VIP who is incapacitated and then later secured or
confirmed not triggering the VIP victory

Fixes door sounds to work in multiplayer

Fix for end of round AAR not always showing the correct winning
action player

Fix for TAH briefing not having correct text

Fix for FOV not right after being incapacitated if player was holding breath when they were incapacitated
Fixes a bug that was causing a aimpoint-scoped m249 to display the soldier's arm intersecting with the ammo case/softbag

Fixes a bug which was allowing players to shoot while vaulting/mantling *Corrects loadout handling so that separate fireteams now correctly use the proper index into the team class role list to get the loadout
Fixes a bug that would allow a soldier to vault/mantle while reloading a weapon (or reload a weapon while vault/mantling)

Stats & UI
Rank display corrected

Fixes advanced rifleman related achievements so SL's and FTL's are
considered advanced rifleman and can earn the achievements

Fixes maximum length of player or soldier name issues

Adjusted the soldier overview statistics

Fixes exploit relating to disabling fog by disabling
FloatingPointRenderTargets in the INI

Stick to the plan achievement fixed

Soldier achievements should never overflow the maximum actions
required to earn an achievement in the Achievements UI

Several achievement rules corrected

Corrects Advancement Points not being awarded properly for
completing training missions

Adds messaging when achievements are earned on server without
enough players

V for Victory scoring rules corrected

Account linking should now work

Account settings page now has very brief instructions on using the
"unit information" (clan) tag field

Account settings should no longer show old information if player
logs out and then creates a new account or logs in with a different account

Login button should once again be highlighted

Video Settings resolution selection should work better now
(drop-down controls were replaced with better controls)

Map vote functionality restored

Vote kick UI now has room for all player names

Fixes for when vote kick target leaves server - - the vote kick option
now fades out

Settings UI: Modified the way the Accept and Cancel buttons
highlight and change state to avoid player confusion

Settings UI: Resolution adjustment for 4:3 ratios now work properly

Fixed several menu issues that could result in locking movement
(or not locking movement)

Vanishing angled brackets (greater than/less than symbols) no
longer hide the players name

Support for joining a server from the aa3game.exe command line (use
format "+connect " and optional "+password "). You will still need to log into the game but immediately after logging in you will join the specified server

UI corrections to several Army information pages

Fixes several Mission Completed scoring rules which will now allow
the various distinguished role achievements to function properly

Fix for group handling logic so players in multiple groups have
their groups prioritized

Added message sent to all players if 3 or fewer players are on
teams so they know scoring won't count

Fix for account settings profile update data saving/updating so
that you can navigate away from and back to the menu and see your changes without having to login again

VIP standard loadout on Impact now has the correct number of

TAH volume on Impact can no longer be taken from below the building

Impact now has a moving Firescout

Fixed Impact level exploit where players could prone/crouch their way out of world

Fixed Impact level bug where grenades could be thrown through wooden fence on SW Street *Fixed several rock collision and a collision problem on the stairs of the house in Ranch level *Fixed Collision problem with not being able to shoot through fence in Ranch barn

Admin & Misc
In game IRC now sends the game version in the link

Several support and community page links corrected

New Authentication SDK with several fixes

New MBS SDK with several fixes and performance improvements

Fix for the PB kick when the player has PB intentionally disabled
corrupting the player count on the server

Updated the OpenAL DLL's included with the game to the latest from

Fix for Alt-Tab crash when using Vista (or DX9 in general)

Fix for performing radial menu action leaving left mouse button in
pressed state

Admin communications console commands should now work correctly

Server admins can no longer pick a team and no longer appear in the
team select list

Administrators no longer need to enter the GamePassword on locked
servers if they use the correct AdminPW

AdminRemovePlayerAdmin response message corrected

Download the new AA3.0.6 update through either Steam or Deploy now!
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