Joint Operations Version available for testing
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<img src="/images/catimages/nova.jpg">Joint Operations Version available for testing Thanks for the feedback. This update fixes the kill message history bug in the previous test executables.

WARNING: Must be PC experienced, unfinished executable!

This EXE will detect modes based on what your video driver reports

For those technical enough to back up their current EXE and copy this one to the right folder, you can test it out for us. It's intended to be compatible with the current EXE and offers a few new features and improvements. Pending the test results, these changes will become available as a regular update.

This EXE is testing...

New Higher Resolutions

Aspect Ratio fixes

Improved Squad Tag Display

Sorting by Squad Tags at end of game stats

New server sync code improves movement and shot accuracy

Enhanced moderator features

Overall Optimizations and bug fixes
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