It all started with Delta Force 2 and friends which played together on a Nova Publicserver Server called CUSTOM COOPS.
RAP hosted the Maps and had the Idea for a own DF 2 Squad,because he played a long Time with the same Guys on his Server and nobody of them ever been in a Squad.The 1st.Brother he met and played on every Day was GHOSTRIDER.He agreed to RAPS Idea and so ~RSU~ was founded at the End of 2003 with 2 Members.

FRANKS and WREN also played with us long Time DF 2 Coops and then they joined ~RSU~ also as PORTMAN, JACK and SHAMAN.

GHOSTRIDER has played  BHD too,RAP played at DF2 also TKOTH and DM and  BHD/TS but since release they play JO/E.

Since 2005 we are a JO/E Coopsquad.

Although our Members have different origins and personalities, we are bound together by friendship, loyalty and by our common values and spirit.

Some other Members will follow,some will be Inactive but we will recruit new Members for JO/E.

For DF 2  we will not recruit anymore

We are a nice Bunch of Guys and we are playing together with Fun and Respect.Our Squad  has the best Specialists for every Mission in the DFX & JO/E World....We play JO/E actually on the European/Africa Novaworldserver.The Servername is RSU CUSTOM COOPS 24/7(MBL).
You will find the Serverstatus,Latest News and much more about JO/E on our Homepage.

For DFX we will host irregular, after request or when it is announced on our Warboard. Since Novalogic released DF:Xtreme a few of us nostalgic started playing that game which reminded us of the good old days with Delta Force 2.

We also have a DFX & JO/E Statspage where u can see when and how u played also Ranks and Medals.Try to make your best but dont forget our principle...FUN.And we know that there is a Life outside of Novagames and respect it when you cant play sometimes.But when you play...Play your Best

You should know that we take no Mercy with Cheaters and Murderers in Coop or any other Gametype,so Cheater enjoy your Time in the DFX / JO/E World before we start our RAGE..and kick ur ASS.

New Members for JO/E are welcome,when they play with the ~RSU~Rules.(please sign up on our Homepage) And when we think that your Teamplay (which is more important as the skills) is a support and backup for our Team,you become to be a part of ~RSU~.(Only when we recruit)

We are one of the best and biggest JO/E  Coopsquads at Nova World Community. Over 5000 Players have already visited our Server . 

RSU Squad has always been supportive the best way it could to its Members by providing them with the tools required to strive, grow, explore friendship and gaming around the world.      

We have a Age Limit at ~RSU~.

You must be at least 18 Years old to join ~RSU~

DF 2 = Deltaforce 2      BHD/TS = BlackH awk Down/Team Sabre 

 JO/E = Joint Operations/Escalation    DFX = Deltaforce Xtreme

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